Bibles for Africa and Beyond

Dear friend:

Imagine living in a world without Bibles…How would you learn about Jesus? How would your faith grow? How would you give Bible studies and share the gospel truth with seekers?

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Yet millions of poor Christians around the world are forced to share the Word of God or give Bible studies when they don’t even own a Bible. Hungry for His Word, they don’t have enough Bibles to go around. In fact, many will sacrifice three days of food just to save enough money for a single Bible!

That’s why Remnant Publications, a non-profit ministry sharing Christ through the printed word for more than 25 years continues to lead a powerful movement to collect and ship millions of Bibles to parts of the world where there is a famine for this Holy Book. Only together can we make it happen.

Remember, every $15 means 5 Bibles will reach the hands of spiritually thirsty souls!