Bibles for Africa and Beyond

Mozambique Project

Imagine living in a world without Bibles…How would you learn about Jesus? How
would your faith grow? How would you give Bible studies and share the gospel
truth with seekers?

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Yet that’s what the poor Christians in Mozambique
are forced to do. Mozambique is the seventh poorest economy in the world. They
are hungry for the Word of God but cannot afford Bibles! The majority are
fortunate to have even one meal a day. They need our help! With 993 churches and
almost 300,000 Portuguese speaking members, only a few have a Bible. In fact,
many times the Pastors even have trouble getting a Bible. Can you imagine trying to
preach the Word of God without a Bible?

That’s why Remnant Publications, a non-profit ministry sharing Christ through the
printed word for more than 25 years, continues to lead a powerful movement to
ship Bibles to poverty stricken areas around the world where they need the
message of God’s love—of salvation—of hope that God offers them a better future
in eternity.

Stepping forth in faith, Remnant Publications has acquired the Portuguese Bible
files for printing. While the price of everything continues to spiral upward, by God’s
grace, we are still able to print these Bibles and ship them for only $3.00 per Bible.
However, with 40,000 Bibles in a container it still costs $120,000 for only one
container of Bibles and that just starts to scratch the surface of their needs.

At only $3 for printing and shipping a Bible by container, for every $15 you give, 5
Bibles will go to Mozambique. And better yet, through sharing, up to 20 people will
be blessed by each Bible—meaning 100 people will hear about Jesus! Imagine what
$50, $175, or even $1,000 could do!
We need your help to make this a reality. They are dedicated to sharing Christ, but
they can’t do it without Bibles! That’s why every Bible sent will go to a Christian
who has pledged to share the gospel with at least one soul for Christ.

Today, YOU can help to answer the prayers of our brothers and sisters in
Mozambique. Your support has made it possible to ship almost a million Bibles to
nineteen countries in Africa including Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. In
addition, Spanish Bibles have been shipped to Cuba, Mexico, and South America.
Will you prayerfully consider what you can do to help make these Portuguese Bibles
for Mozambique a reality? Click here if you would like to help.